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The Medix DR has established itself as the complete DXA solution for bone health specialists seeking a powerful and fast solution for osteoporosis diagnosis and fracture risk assessment.
Its technology and performance
The 2D Fan-Beam® is based on narrow Fan Beam technology and features 256 elements,  providing the highest quality images for optimal diagnosis. This new detector is the best on Fan Beam market.
The Medix DR is based on a 4 lines, 64 elements multi-array detector. Its 2D Fan-Beam technology provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis. 
Faster than Pencil Beam, more accurate than large Fan beam and appropriate for high end market. The Medix DR scans in the X and Y directions to reduce distorsions and the enlargement in order to get a the best quality of image. Besides, it was designed to perform examinations in only 15 seconds per site, making it the most powerful solution available on the market. The device meets the needs of the most demanding practitioners searching for a powerful, complete and precise tool.
Options and applications
The Medix dR is a complete device that in addition to routine exams for osteoporosis diagnosis (hip, spine, forearm), provides a very wide range of applications:
  • Osteoporosis and complete fracture risk determination
  • Pediatry: children growth and bone age follow-up.
  • Whole body and body composition to discern the weight disorders
Software acquisition
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