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The Medix 90 unit is a DXA device, combining performance, precision and ergonomics with all relevant applications, including “whole body”, it is the perfect tool for practitioners seeking an efficient and cost effective. Its technology « Digital Fast Beam® » enables a fast exam, while its functional design maximizes patient and user comfort.
Its technology and performance
The Digital Fast Beam® is an improve version of Pencil. Based on Pencil Beam reliability, it takes advantages from the others technologies to insure optimal resolution and scan time.
We own the fastest Pencil Beam of the market offering the sharpest accuracy and the lowest patient dose for the best osteoporosis diagnosis. Designed with the ergonomic and user friendly software Eazix, the MEDIX 90 combines reliability, efficiency and versatility. The ideal solution of DXA gives fast, complete and accurate measurements of fat and muscle per body region.
Software Acquisition