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Our company
Located in Montpellier, in the south of France, MEDILINK is an economic driving force in its region. This entity offers a complete range of DXA and ultrasound equipments for fracture risk, osteoporosis screening and follow-up.
Our know-how, based on 30 years of experience in the medical imaging field, has enabled us to design a full range of devices to meet market requirements. Our product range is based on a close collaboration with our user’s network, and our development teams are informed through market researches.
Medilink, part of the DMS Imaging division, branch of the DMS Group, quoted at EURONEXT Paris, is a high-tech company specialized in medical imaging diagnostics. Well implemented on the market, the Group encompasses several branches: DMS Imaging, DMS Wellness and DMS Biotech to offer a complete range of innovative solutions in radiology, bone densitometry, stereo-radiography and posturology, all of which are adapted to the demands of the global marketplace. Our network cumulating 120 distributors in over 140 countries across the globe as well as subsidiaries and joint-ventures, contribute to our international dimension and our reputation for furnishing high-end medical devices. Indeed, the DMS Group realizes over 90% of its turnover through exports. The Group’s strategy, mainly focused on technological innovation, enabled it, just a few years, to catch up and overcome the technologies of its most important competitors.
Aware of the major challenge of delivering high-end medical devices and innovation in industrial production, the DMS Group focuses on the application of standards of quality and the training of its technicians and practitioners. With ¼ of its headcounts allocated to R&D, DMS beneficiates from a total control over its products conception and a strong mark in exportation.  Medilink, division of DMS Imaging, is then able to develop a full range of bone densitometers.

About us

Notre équipe
Our team
Jean-Paul ANSEL, 
Chief Operative Officer
Samuel SANCERNI, General Manager
Richard VOISINNE_edited_edited.jpg
Richard Voisinne,
Supply Chain Director
Nathalie Caire Richard,
Human Resources Director
M Sifre Head Shot_edited.jpg
Michaël Sifre,
Factory Manager
David TERREEHORST_edited.jpg
David Terreehorst,
Purchasing Director
Laure Landucci Head Shot_edited.jpg
Laure Landucci,
Quality Manager
JPD Head Shot_edited.jpg
Jean-Philippe Dross,
Customer Service Manager
Delphine De Courson,
Administrative and Financial Director
Swan TUFFERY_R&D Director_edited.png
Swan Tuffery,
R&D Director
Bita Baradaran,
Bone Densitometry Export Director
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